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Hi, my name is Jeff Mackey. When was the last time you looked at your website using a mobile phone or tablet? If it didn’t load or look the way you expected, we should talk.

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Your target audience is already mobile ready. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Are you losing customers because they are frustrated trying to find your operating hours? Your website looks great on your laptop computer, but what about on your phone?

Imagine if your customers are impressed with how great your website looks on their phone. Scrolling through sections and page navigation is intuitive. Information important to your intended audience is front and center, and easy to read.

And imagine your website loading fast on any device. It doesn’t annoy your visitors with pop-ups or advertising banners that take up space. Features on your website are accessible, and don’t force users to use a specific browser.

Increased Engagement

Renaissance Media is a publishing house located in Southfield, Michigan. It's two main publications required updated and new websites to increase readership and engagement.

SIX15 refined the design of The Jewish News to make the website mobile-friendly. The site was easier to view by it's target market, which was viewing the site from phones and tablets. This resulted in an increase of 85% in visitor sessions.

Renaissance Media has no time to manage website content or maintain these websites. SIX15 began monitoring and securing the websites, and updating content. They receive a report each month of website activity and tasks performed. This gives them peace of mind in that their online presence is handled.

Find Out How Your Website Performs

Get a free website audit that will document how your website currently performs, and what could be improved to increase clicks, calls or visits from your target market.

Susan Clark-Joul

Susan J., Ivybrooke Strings

Three jobs from the web site this week!!! It’s working!! If you are looking for a web site designer, you could go anywhere. But, I recommend Jeff for more than the design. I appreciate his communication and follow-up skills, and his ability to patiently train me to update and change my own site. Overall, this was a great experience!”

Nate Cannon

Nate C., Running Rewired

“Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He seamlessly created a fully functional and professional website while being responsive, straightforward, and organized. I would recommend him to anyone.”

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Brief Case Study: Halo Group Website Rescue

A client SIX15 had worked with several years ago got back in touch. New owners and recent branding efforts required an update to their website. One important aspect of this new design was that it had to be mobile friendly. I implemented a mobile-friendly design, and enhanced it with functionality to handle specific needs. The new site launched within two months.

Understanding your website problems and potential solutions starts with a free 30 minute consultation

I look forward to learning about your website. Besides just understanding what you’re technically looking for, I want to learn more about why you want to move forward with this effort. The more I know about your business problem and what you want to achieve, the better equipped I’ll be to prescribe the best path to get there.

Our initial meeting will take about 30 minutes, and here’s what we’ll discuss:

The Project

I want to understand the project you’re bringing SIX15. How should it function? What will be some of the core workflows and use cases for it? What does it look like?

The Problem

Below each project is an underlying business problem that necessitated the project. I understand that you aren't just looking for “a website”. Instead, there’s a root cause that is affecting the business.

The Solution

I understand that you want more than just the website built for you — you want the problem resolved. This is the solution; it’s the absence of the problem you’re currently experiencing. By understanding the solution and relating it to the problem behind your project, I’ll be able to design the bridge that links the two together.

The Payoff

I only want to take on projects where SIX15 is an investment, and there is a measurable positive return. I’ll review the project monetary goals so that I can determine whether the payoff will outweigh your costs.

Schedule a Free Website Consultation Today!

Working with the right company will help decide the success of your online presence. I am dedicated to delivering high quality work and 100% client satisfaction.

Not ready to get in touch just yet? Get a free audit to see what actionable tips you could be making for your website.

What happens next?

Upon initial contact, you will receive an email from me with a few qualifying questions. Nothing major, just getting some specifics before we take the time to chat. Once I hear back from you, I will contact you to discuss your requirements.

A few things you should know first:

  1. I bill based on the value of services delivered to you. If we end up being a good fit to work together, I require a 50% deposit to secure a spot on my schedule.
  2. I typically start website development projects on Mondays once the deposit is received, and projects are currently scheduled two weeks out.
  3. I have a policy of not signing Non-Disclosure Agreements. Nor will I do any speculative work. It’s simply bad business.
  4. SIX15 has a standard project process, but it’s not written in stone. Each engagement is unique, and I figure out the most valuable thing I can deliver to you first, and once that’s done we’ll take the next step.
  5. You’ll be talking directly to me. No middle-men, and no off-shore design team. That said, you’ll hear from me often, because a 30-minute meeting is cheaper than 20 hours of work wasted because there was a misunderstanding.
  6. I’ll work hard, but rest just as hard. Weekends and evenings give everyone time to think, rest, and recharge, which means a higher quality solution to your project.
  7. I have fun. I think you will too.

Still have Questions? No problem! Email me any time. If after talking about your requirements I cannot help you, I will do my best to refer you to those that can. It’s all about good karma.

Are We a Good Fit?

Just as you should be discerning when choosing whom to work with on your next website project, I am selective in who would be a good fit as a SIX15 client.

You have a website, but it’s not mobile friendly or optimized.

You are looking to establish or enhance your brand online with an informational-type website (of any size), perhaps with a content management system.

You are interested in email campaigns or other online marketing such as social media, and integrating it with your website.