I help busy business owners get a higher return on investment from their website

Hi, my name is Jeff Mackey. I run SIX15 – an Oxford Michigan Website Design and Management firm. Do you know how your website looks and functions on mobile devices? Does your website generate leads for your business? If the answer to either of those questions is no, or you’re not sure, we should talk.

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Your website should do more than look good. It should work for you.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re losing customers because they are frustrated trying to navigate your website. It may look and function great on a laptop, but it is unusable from a phone or tablet.

You realize -- or worse -- someone tells you that your website has been hacked. The software is out-of-date, content is corrupted, and your customers vanish.

You invested thousands of dollars into a flashy website for your business, but wonder why it doesn't generate any extra phone calls, clicks or visits.

You don't have any automated email campaign management in place to attract and convert new visitors or maintain existing customer relationships.

You've Got Options...

Do It Yourself

Thinking you'll save money, you could do it yourself. But realize you will need to learn that new tool in addition to running your business.

Buy a Theme

Buying a pre-made theme is one way to go, but they're made for everyone. Even with modifications, your business may not look unique.

Hire an Agency

You may get sticker shock after talking to a traditional design agency about your website project. There has got to be a better way.

Partner with Me

Talk with me about your project needs. I offer multiple service offerings at affordable price points. You'll get better results in the long term.

Your business deserves a website that reflects your vision

People will be impressed with how great your website looks on their phone. Information important to your intended audience is front and center, and easy to read.

It is monitored and protected. Software is kept up-to-date, and backed up in case the worst happens. And interfacing with your hosting provider is handled.

Your website loads fast on any device, and pages are targeted for analysis. Experiments are run to figure out where your visitors are going, or why they’re not converting.

You get more visitors, clicks, and calls from your website. You have help figuring out how to target the marketing outreach services best suited for your business.

You're free to focus on what you do best for your business, while managing the content on your website is handled — keeping it current and relevant for your growing audience.

Download my Guide to a Website that Works

Get the insights, tips and tricks you can implement on your website today to convert your visitors to customers. And if you share your website address, I'll perform a site audit and send you a short report. All for FREE.

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Increased Engagement at Renaissance Media

Renaissance Media is a publishing house located in Southfield, Michigan. It's two main publications required updated and new websites to increase readership and engagement.

SIX15 refined the design of The Jewish News to make the website mobile-friendly. The site was easier to view by its target market, which was viewing the site from phones and tablets.

This resulted in an increase of 85% in visitor sessions.

Renaissance Media has no time to manage website content or maintain these websites. SIX15 began monitoring and securing the websites, and updating content. They receive a report each month of website activity and tasks performed.

This gives them peace of mind in that their online presence is handled.

How We'll Work Together to Refine Your Website for Higher Conversions

Step 1. We’ll figure it out

We’ll discuss your business needs, and define success. SIX15 will review your existing website and any other online marketing (social media, email newsletters) to see where you stand, work with you to determine where you want to be, and create a Roadmap for reaching that goal.

Step 2. I’ll bring it to life

Next is making it real by implementing the Roadmap. I obsess over the details, prep for production, code it out and make sure it works properly on virtually any platform. Your website will be designed or refined to be mobile friendly, search engine optimized, and intuitive for end users.

Step 3. I’ll help it grow

SIX15 will monitor and manage your website, freeing you to concentrate on your business. I’ll keep it secure, and integrate email campaigns and social media. Ongoing reporting, performance recommendations, and consultation are available as your business grows.

Your Focus:

Defining your goals for the project, delivering content, and being available for feedback discussions.

My Focus:

To provide a solution to your need, by understanding your requirements and constraints.

Get more sales & signups, at a price you can afford, or your money back

Understanding your website problems and potential solutions starts with a free 30-minute consultation.

Not ready to get in touch just yet? Get my FREE Guide to a Website that Works that shows you insights, tips and tricks you can implement on your website today to  convert visitors to customers.

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Susan Clark-Joul

Susan J., Ivybrooke Strings

"Three jobs from the web site this week!!! It’s working!! If you are looking for a web site designer, you could go anywhere. But, I recommend Jeff for more than the design. I appreciate his communication and follow-up skills, and his ability to patiently train me to update and change my own site. Overall, this was a great experience!”

Nate Cannon

Nate C., Running Rewired

"Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He seamlessly created a fully functional and professional website while being responsive, straightforward, and organized. I would recommend him to anyone."

Refine Your Site Without Breaking the Bank

Try talking to a typical design agency about your website project. You don't know them, but in order to solve your problem they ask a lot from you. Without diagnosing the true cause of your business need, they want to charge you a $20,000 or more for your project.

Talk to SIX15 about your website project... We don't know each other, either. But we sit down and have a conversation about your problem. I help uncover what success looks like, diagnose the problem and make a plan to solve it. There is value in that plan. It is actionable and tangible. Something you can use to shop around. The first step in any successful project. And that first step costs a lot less.

Here’s What You Get

A Website Roadmap

I will audit your existing website, and provide recommendations for search optimization and layout. This Roadmap includes site navigation, design wire-frames, outlines scope, and a strategy for success. This deliverable is a solid start to any website project aimed at increasing engagement. It's yours to keep regardless if you choose SIX15 to implement the plan.

Mobile-First Design

I will design or refine your website so that it is attractive and engaging on all device sizes, giving you a leg up on your competition. I will optimize all assets so that the site loads fast, and implement a system for ongoing content management. Once the project is underway, delivery of the initial version for your review will be no later than Friday of the fourth week.

Website Management

Is your website's performance and security worth the price of a cup of coffee at your local brewer? For about $3/day, you can have peace of mind knowing your website is insured and secured. No long term commitments; upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time. The Website Management plan include unlimited minor website tweaks or content updates.

What Matters Most Is Results

I’ve been making and managing websites since 1999. SIX15 is a reliable, debt-free, straight-talking mobile-first website design and management firm that wants to help you meet your online marketing objectives.

Most firms focus on the technical or the latest design trend. I realize that the technology SIX15 ends up using is just a means to an end, and I’ll ensure that the work we do together is chiefly aimed at making you more profitable.

Let’s work together to maximize your online marketing potential with an effective website design -- one that is engaging and leads to a click, call or sale.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Schedule a Get More Customers Strategy Call Today!

Understanding your website problems and potential solutions starts with a free 30-minute consultation.

Not ready to get in touch just yet? Get my FREE Guide to a Website that Works that shows you insights, tips and tricks you can implement on your website today to  convert visitors to customers.

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Are We a Good Fit?

Just as you should be discerning when choosing whom to work with on your next website project, I am selective in who would be a good fit as a SIX15 client.

You are looking to establish or enhance your brand online with website of any size aimed at higher conversions.

You have a website but it’s a total mess when viewed using a mobile device.

You are interested in email campaigns or other online marketing such as social media, and integrating it with your website.

You don't have the time to manage your website or keep it current, and need someone reliable to handle those tasks.

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Let me take care of your website. You've got better things to do.

Working with the right company will help decide the success of your online presence.

I am dedicated to delivering high quality work and 100% client satisfaction.

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