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About Jeff Mackey & SIX15 Solutions

I’ve been making and managing websites since 1999. SIX15 Solutions is a reliable, debt-free, straight-talking, website design, and marketing company that wants to help you meet your online marketing objectives. This starts with a solid strategy in the form of a website roadmap.

Most firms focus on the technical or the latest design trends. I realize that the technology being used is just a means to an end, and I’ll ensure that the work we do together is chiefly aimed at making you more profitable.

There are four main things you should care about for your organization's website:

  • Speed

  • Usability

  • Traffic

  • Conversions

I believe that websites should be frustration-free. And I am challenging the typical web design experience by having a proven process that results in a website for your business that is easy to use, functional, and effective.

Do you remember The three Rs from grade school? Let's work together to Refine Your Website for:

  • Reading

    Make it load fast on any device or screen, and easy to understand.

  • Writing

    Make it easy to update, maintain, and not over-complicated.

  • Arithmetic

    Make clear, measurable goals for higher conversions.

My Background

Jeff MackeyHey there, my name is Jeff Mackey. I am a website front-end architect, information technology consultant, and business owner with over 25 years of professional experience.

SIX15 Solutions has successfully delivered projects for over 110 businesses in and around the Detroit area and country and has partnered with several design agencies to expand their capabilities.

I have volunteered time and IT business insight to the local Regional Advisory Committee for Oakland Schools, serving as IT Advisory Chair for Oxford High School, providing expertise and feedback to curriculum focusing on website development programs.

I am also an active member of a premier US-based Agency Mastery Program with access to hundreds of the best online marketing, branding, and website companies in the world.

You can find me on most social media platforms. Here's my LinkedIn profile link if you'd like to connect.

Personally Speaking...

I am the father of two awesome kids and husband to my beautiful wife Stephanie. We've lived in the Brandon Township, Michigan area since 2003. We are active in the community and here to stay.

I am also a 4th-degree member and currently hold the position of Chancellor in the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

Finally, I am proud to share that my family and I practice Tang Soo Do karate and earned the rank of Cho Dan (1st degree black belt) in March 2019, and E Dan (2nd degree black belt) in August 2021.

A few reasons why you should consider me

Keeps it simple

A website should not be any more complicated than it has to be. But that does not mean it has to look basic, either. Clear, focused, and eye-catching websites result in a better visitor experience leading to an inquiry or purchase.

Small Company, Big Delivery

This is a small firm -- allowing me to deliver your message to your target audience without getting in the way. You'll get a quality website, not a stack of documents you won't read.

Priced Right

This may not be the most expensive web development company, but it's also not the cheapest. Projects are billed based on the value delivered, and a website worth delivering takes time and investment. It is not fair to you or me to sacrifice either one.

Proven Track Record

I feel that the highest compliment a client can give is to refer new business. A good number of new projects are generated through customer referrals from clients. References and testimonials are available, so you can take their word for it.

Successful Methodology

You're always in the know via online project management tools. And your website will be built using the latest standards, so your audience will get a consistent experience no matter how they browse your new website.

Knowledgeable, not Arrogant

I make it a priority to communicate in clear, straightforward terms, without any industry jargon. I am a geek at heart but good at explaining the technical to the no-so technical.


Work with me and you’re in good company. I’ve had the honor of working with highly respected businesses in Metro Detroit and beyond, delivering everything from simple brochure websites to large, dynamic websites customized for specific goals.

Gives Back

I am passionate about the web industry and its positive impacts. I have participated in various IT networking organizations in the Metro Detroit area. I have also volunteered time and consulting with the Regional Advisory Committee for Oakland Schools, providing expertise and feedback to high school curriculums focusing on website development programs.

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Understanding your website problems and potential solutions starts with a free 15-minute consultation. My focus is to provide a solution to your needs by understanding your requirements and constraints. Your focus should be defining your goals for the project, delivering content, and being available for feedback discussions.

Learn about my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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