Strategy Roadmapping Figuring It Out

The next step is bringing it to life with Design & Development,
then helping it grow with Digital Marketing.

Not Sure How To Grow Your Business Online? There's No Clear Direction

Your business is not gaining traction online. Marketing efforts lack focus, and your messaging is not demonstrating the authority needed to attract new customers. You realize you need to do something. But you're not sure where or how to start, or even how much to invest.

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Before Starting On Any Journey, It’s Wise To Plan Ahead Know Exactly Where To Go

Imagine this -- Understanding where you’re going, how long it will take, how much fuel (budget) you should expect to use, and what risks you'll face along the way.

Schedule A Strategy Roadmapping Session Here’s What You Can Expect

The Strategy Roadmapping Session is typically a 1 to 3-hour meeting, either in-person or over Zoom. We'll go into detail about you, your business, and the project -- defining both success and failure. We'll assess priorities and risks, such as budgets and timelines -- anything that could cause the project to fail. Your intended audience and the actions you want them to take on your website will be defined. Finally, we will discuss infrastructure -- identifying and helping you understand the technologies to be used to accomplish the project, and what costs might be incurred in setup and longterm maintenance.

After our session concludes, I'll get to work producing an exhaustive summary, along with a projected budget and timeline that you should expect moving forward.

The value to you is simple:

You'll have a clear and concise Website Roadmap, in the form of a project proposal, that will help you solve the problems your business faces as quickly, safely, and economically as possible.

  • Smaller Scale

  • Smaller Investment

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Yours To Keep

Refine Your Website Without Breaking the Bank

Try talking to a typical design agency about your website project. You don't know them, but in order to solve your problem, they ask a lot from you. Without diagnosing the true cause of your business need, they want to charge you $100,000 or more for your new website.

Talk to me about your website project. You don't know me either -- yet. But we sit down and have a conversation about your problem, what success looks like, and make a plan to get there. A roadmap. There is value in that plan. It is actionable and tangible. Something you can use, and even shop around. It's the first solid step in any website project. And that first step costs a lot less.

My Guarantee To You

If I don’t help you or your organization achieve your online goals, I’m not happy. So that said if after you’ve received your Website Roadmap you feel that it provides no added value for your business, upon request I will issue a 100% refund.

Not ready to get in touch just yet? Feel free to request any of my website audit reports today!

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

Susan Clark-Joul

"Three jobs from the web site this week!!! It’s working!! If you are looking for a web site designer, you could go anywhere. But, I recommend Jeff for more than the design. I appreciate his communication and follow-up skills, and his ability to patiently train me to update and change my own site. Overall, this was a great experience!"

Susan J.

Ivybrook Strings

Nate Cannon

"Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He seamlessly created a fully functional and professional website while being responsive, straightforward, and organized. I would recommend him to anyone."

Nate C.

Running Rewired

Still Have Questions?

Anyone can just design a website for you. But that would be like a home builder starting construction without knowing how big it should be or what the house will look like. Think of the website strategy roadmap as a blueprint for a house.

Get The Direction Your Marketing Needs

Your business can't afford another day lost with no online marketing direction. Remember, the Website Roadmap we produce for you is yours to keep and shop around.

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