The Who, What and How for Non Profit Organization Websites

Even non profit organizations need a website. But how best to describe what you’re about and what you’re trying to accomplish with your efforts? Here’s a brief breakdown of the questions to ask yourself when thinking about  a website for your organization.

What Are We Doing?

What is the mission of your organization? This should be front and center on the home page of the website. Visual impact with photos/graphics helps.

Who Are We?

Describe the organization’s background briefly on the home page, with links to About Us or Our Story pages. Who’s funding this? Their reasonings and motivation. Help me understand your passion.

Who Are You?

Not you the organization, you the website visitor. Who is your intended audience. The answer to this will dictate how the website looks, the layout, color scheme, everything.

How Can I Help?

This is information for volunteers, donors, anyone who wants to contribute to your cause.

What Have We Done / Who We’ve Helped

Show your visitors the impact of your efforts. If you’re feeding the homeless, or trying to raise funds for a park, show me pictures of progress.

How Do I Get In Touch?

Contact information for organization stakeholders, maps, locations, everything

Why Should I Keep Coming Back?

Have regular updates to a blog, provide links to a newsletter/sign-up. Engage the visitor community with social media networking. Facebook/Twitter, etc.

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