Would I ever code something I don’t agree with?

I have been asked if I would ever take on a client that had different political, religious, or ethical views from my own. While that is a loaded question and almost too taboo to talk about, I don’t mind diving into the subject.

My answer is in fact I have already done so, in more than one occasion. Which, do you ask or wonder? That’s my business. And that’s the point. Business is business, and the factors for whether I choose to take on a client or not has little to do with their political, religious or ethical views. But it has everything to do with these three questions:

  1. Can I make money from it? SIX15 is a growing business. I have a mortgage to pay. I have tuition to pay for my kids. I’m not ashamed of making money.
  2. Am I going to be proud of it? There’s nothing that will break your heart faster than working three months on a project and then, when it’s all done, you’ve sold your soul and compromised and you don’t even want anybody to see it.
  3. Will I learn something new? That allows me to continue to grow in the skills that I have. It allows me to be a better consultant. And it keeps things interesting.

Keep your politics and religious views to yourself, and I will do the same. Why not get to work on making your business the best that it can be?

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