Your Website Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful To Be Effective

SIX15 aims to make websites that are frustration-free. And by that, I mean not frustrating the visitor with a site that loads slowly or has text too small to read on a mobile device, or has a link to a huge PDF file for a menu. And frustration-free for the website admin — allowing for easily updated content without a steep learning curve. Get in, make the update, get out, and get on with running your business. Better yet, hire someone to handle it for you.

I challenge the typical web design experience by having a proven process that results in a website for your business that is easy to use, functional, and effective.

There are so many tools on the market now that allow for websites to be both engaging — good looking and effective. Getting that engaging and effective website design shouldn’t break the bank, either. Why? Because when you break down the website design process into manageable chunks, focused on your business and your desired outcome, and not the latest shiny object, it becomes affordable. On top of that, because you’re now focused on a specific goal, you’re motivated to spend [a little] money on that website enhancement (e.g. spend money to make money).

Smart Sites that have a Singular Purpose

Think of your last web browsing experience. With all the distractions on a typical landing page such as banner advertisements, and video pop-ups, it almost feels like you’re wandering through a furniture store with a salesperson hounding you incessantly to make a purchase.

People like to buy things, but they hate being sold to. And if you’re trying to sell something without first proving that you can be helpful to someone — someone, not everyone — then you’re just standing on a hilltop shouting at everyone and no one.

SIX15 solutions get you a website that results in more clicks, calls, and visits. I do this by first analyzing your current website and how it’s structured. Content is then ripped up and rearranged to cut the noise-to-signal ratio. Each page on your website should have a clear focus, driving the visitor to first educate them and guide them along a path to your call to action.

So if people don’t like being sold to, but like buying things, how do you sell people your product or service? By standing for something and telling a story that is relatable to your visitors. I’m not saying you have to pick a fight with someone, but by taking a stand on a particular problem it may be easier to tell a story about how your product or service solves that problem.

Once you do that, generating or rearranging content (the text and images) for your new website will be much easier. Having that story to tell will engage your visitors. They’ll want to learn more (hint — having a trip-wire lead magnet that collects visitor email addresses that you can then send educational emails to is key here), and you can drive them to your call-to-action.

You can do all of this with a website that may or may not be the prettiest website you’ve ever seen. I’m not saying it should be ugly, but don’t stress about getting that one piece of stock photography or awesome¬†graphics from your in-house designer. A few well-placed and optimized photos of your product or service, along with text that is easy-to-read will go along way.

In today’s mobile-focused world, having a graphic-intense website could be a hindrance, anyway. You want your website to be responsive and accessible. And again, having a smart site shouldn’t break the bank.

Sure, with all the do-it-yourself website builders on the market these days you may be tempted to go that route. but ask yourself this: is your time worth more? You may think you’re saving money, but getting a website up and running using one of those free or cheap builder services may result in a website that is pretty but not effective.

Sometimes it takes a set of outside eyes to make you realize what is working and what isn’t working; to realign your online presence and marketing outreach efforts to focus on correcting what isn’t working and enhance what is working.

This all starts with a free, 30-minute strategy call to diagnose and qualify your situation. Let’s find out where you’re at, and develop a road map that leads you to your desired destination.

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