A New Journey Begins

October 1st. The start of the 4th quarter of 2019. And a new beginning for this business.

Hello and welcome. My name is Jeff Mackey, and I’ve been running SIX15 Solutions, LLC as a “side business” to my day job since 1999.

That all changed on Friday, September 13th (no coincidence there I assure you!) when I put in my last day at the “day job”.

This will be sort of a stream-of-consciousness post, so I ask for forgiveness in advance.

The last two weeks of September I spent wrapping up a few tasks for open projects and settling a few outstanding financial commitments, knowing that I wanted to start October 1st officially “full time” with Refine Your Website.

As I reflect on this new chapter of the business and my life, I find it interesting that I first registered the domain name six15.com in October 1999.

Anyway, this new adventure would not be possible if it weren’t for the support and love of my wife Stephanie. She’s been there through all the stress and long nights working after hours on client projects when I was still juggling the day job. She helped me through the thought process of what and how to make my dream of owning and running my own business a reality. I thank you and love you.

Even though I’ve talked about doing this for years, it never seemed possible until I ran the numbers last year–my best year yet for the business.

I was out walking the dog in early February this year and I got an email from Brent Weaver from Ugurus asking if I wanted to take my business “to the next level”. Ugurus is a business mastermind and mentoring group–I had thought about joining many times. But that email was the catalyst. I decided to join, and right away met wonder people and gained access to many resources. It gave me the confidence, perhaps the realization, that it could be done.

I’ll continue to document my journey, and may even amend this post, but I at least wanted to get this out there that…

I am out there now, accepting work for website design and management consulting projects!

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