Website Development Project Pricing: Insight

If you’re a prospective client of SIX15 solutions for website design/development services and are concerned about money, please understand that while I am not out to gouge you on budget, you have to spend money to make money.

My time is valuable, just like yours. I am trying to make a living by doing what I love and provide a service of which I think I am highly skilled.

Projects typically start at $3,000 and go from there depending on size and scope. I target small(er) businesses for my service offering. Some don’t blink an eye at that range, others sigh, gasp, or internalize and ultimately try to nickel and dime me either to a lower rate or more features for the price.

There’s a reason I ask for your budget upfront when we first start talking about your project. You’re “asking around”, getting quotes from various firms or people to do the work. Essentially trying to get the best bang for your buck. As you should. But by asking for your budget upfront, I am doing the same thing. Qualifying prospective clients so as to take on projects that are worth my time.

I’m not offended, for instance, that as soon as you got off the phone with me in discussing your project, you called other firms to have the same conversation. Or that you called your sister’s husband’s son because you heard he does website design.

You shouldn’t be offended either if after we’ve talked about your project, time frame, ideas, and budget, that I turn you down. I no longer take on work for the sake of taking on work.

It’s not that I don’t need the work. Obviously money is money. But when you factor in time, money sometimes is less money.

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