Your Website Visitors Need to See These Things On Your Website

Yes, there are literally thousands of great looking website designs available for purchase and download from places like You can have one of these designs up and running for your business, or better yet have one customized for your market, in a few weeks or less.

However, the catch is you’re relying on the “me-too” design of these themes. They’re designed for everyone, therefore no one. What I mean is the focus is on the design and layout, and not your business audience and they’re needs.

In order for your online presence to convince someone to click, call or come into your store, you need to talk about the specific problem they’re having and how your solution can solve it. Convince them with language that speaks to either saving time, money, or skill (something you provide that they don’t have).

Your business website homepage can and should look great, and be a reflection of your brand and values. But if you’re not talking directly about how your software/service/product solves a problem, it’s just another flashy website.

At first glance your website should answer the following questions. Or it should be obvious to the visitor within the body copy or “one click in”.

  • Who is this site for? Define your target market or business vertical and refine your body copy to use their vocabulary.
  • What problem can you help me solve? “It’s raining, and I need an umbrella.”
  • What do you want me to pay you for? “There are multiple types of umbrellas for sale at different price points.”
  • What do you want me to click on? Every page on your website should have one Call To Action, be it a sign up button, opt-in form, contact form, etc.
  • Who else trusts you? Give me social proof that you know what you’re talking about. Provide testimonials from past customers. Write up a quick case study outlining the positive results from a recent client engagement.

Any other text, imagery, or video should support the main focus of the website and ultimately direct the visitor to the Call To Action on the page.

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